Your Mood is Visible whether You Want People to See it Or Not

If you think you are hiding your bad mood, your worried thoughts or the tension in your marriage from other people; you’re not. Nor are you hiding the wonderful feeling of falling in love, the exhilaration of an accomplishment or the fun of a surprise. That stuff is floating around in your energy field for everyone to pick up on. Technically there are no secrets.

We have all experienced this in some form. You meet your friends for dinner and before you reach the table you can tell that they are squabbling. You pick up your kid from school and something feels off but he won’t tell you what it is; only later do you find out someone picked on him at recess. Or, your driving down the highway and for no reason you change lanes right before the car that was in front of you has a blow out.

On the other end of the spectrum, sensing some one’s energy field can be a lot of fun. For example, this is why you can tell when a possible love interest may feel the same about you before they ever verbalize their feelings. Or, why some people seem to get you on a core level without even knowing them very well. It’s that feeling when you make a new friend and instantly hit it off. The reason you are picking up on these things is because we all have our stuff out and visible for everyone to see anytime. 

We are constantly walking around with our energy fields on display. (This field is also called a mood, a vibe, an attitude or even an aurora). It goes with us everywhere we go. Your energy field is comprised of your emotions, your beliefs, your thoughts and your body sensations. We carry this field around with us like Pig-Pen from the Peanuts cartoon carried his cloud of dirt. It encompasses us all the time and is huge part of who we are while in the human body.

Interestingly, we are all sensitive to each others energies whether we realize it or not. This is why some people without uttering a word can feel like Debbie Downers while other folks feel like a shining start that can light up a room. You are sensing their energy field. 

So, here is the big question.

What do you want to broadcast to the world?

It’s important to become aware of this because you are broadcasting something all the time. You can’t turn it off. Your energy field is out there. How do you want to express yourself energetically to the world?  What do you want your broadcast to be?