You Are Way More Than Just Your Body

It is easy to think of yourself as a singular person operating in a singular physical body. If you look in the mirror it sure seems that way. There is only one reflection looking back at you and that reflection seems defined by the contours of your body. However, this singular identity is an illusion, a mirage, a make believe game. 

Thinking of yourself as more than just your body may be stretching your brain a bit, but allow me to explain. Many people will accept that they have a Soul. What I sense is that not only do you have a Soul but more accurately you are a Soul. You are a Soul that has adopted a physical form while also remaining as a Soul. Pretty amazing, right?

As humans, with our limited human brain, it can be difficult to wrap our thoughts around this idea. Many questions pop up like how can I be in two places at once, where is my Soul-Self, or if I am a Soul-Self why do I feel so human?

Recently during meditation I received information that helped me to understand how this Soul-self exists and operates. 

Imagine your Soul-self made up of tiny bubbles of consciousness. (Bubbles as small as the bubbles in your carbonated soda.) Each bubble contains the entirety of your Soul-self but also specific interests too. Its like each bubble is the blueprint of your Soul-self and within the blueprint is coding for specific interests.

As a Soul you can choose to disperse your bubbles of consciousness to areas (like earth) depending on your interests. Not all of your bubbles of consciousness will manifest in the physical because as a Soul-self you are way too much energy for one tiny human body. So, when you decide to participate in the Earth reality your Soul-self chooses to extend a part of its awareness here while also remaining in the non-physical as a Soul.

Knowing how this works is helpful for many reasons. First, you can begin to understand that you are way more than the reflection in the mirror. Second, you can realize how wise and vast you truly are on a Soul level. Lastly but most importantly, you can begin to tap into that wisdom because you now understand that your Soul-Self is not something separate from you. It is you.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to explore this topic further please fill out the contact page to get in touch with me.