You Are Not Crazy. You Are Awakening.

I talk to a lot of people in my work. Often times a client will start our conversation by saying, “This may sound crazy, but….

I can feel other people’s emotions

I am having weird dreams where I space travel

I see beings in my meditations

I know what other people are going to say before they say it

or, or, or.”

This list goes on and on because when you begin to awaken weird shit can happen. That’s why they call it awakening.

I want to reassure you. You are not crazy. You are awakening and it can feel kind of wild. You have experiences that you can’t rationally explain. You want to understand them so you use your logical mind to try and make sense of them, but that doesn’t work because Spirit speaks through energy. Listen up–Spirit’s messages use feelings, pictures, dreams, and sensations. And, this form of communication freaks out our human minds because we are used to using words.

Often times no one else in your life is having these same experiences so you feel alone and isolated. This is so common! You begin having kind of out there experiences and you tell your spouse, sister, best friend and they look at you like you have a fever that is causing delusions. Your loved one means well. They love you, but they are not waking up. At least not yet. So, they have no frame of reference for these experiences. When you are met with disbelief and lack of understanding it can make you pull back and stop sharing your experiences with others. You may even decide to shut down your experiences because of the lack of support from your loved ones. (Please don’t do this!)

Remember any new experience widens your perception of reality. When you take on a new perception there is a bit of an adjustment period.

The best thing you can do for yourself when you begin to awaken is to find someone to help you. Some examples that worked for me:

  • A good friend who is willing to listen to your experiences without judgment.
  • Reading books on awakening and really paying attention to ideas and explanations that resonate with you.
  • Seek out a mentor—someone who can assist you in sorting through your experiences and help you to understand them.

It is important that you find some kind of support during this process. It will make it much easier on you.

I would be honored to hold space for you. I know that in my own awakening process it has been my teachers and mentors that have helped me in my most confusing times. Having someone who understands what is happening and can offer a safe place to examine those experiences is priceless.