You Are Not Alone

I see you…

  • Secretly wondering if you are on your path
  • Frustrated that you thought your life would be bigger, different, special while it feels ordinary and dry
  • Knowing that you have a purpose, a meaning for being here but not having a clue what that is 
  • Searching for answers in self-help books, seminars, and You tube videos
  • Surrounded by your friends and family while feeling different and isolated
  • Buying spiritual books on line and secretly reading them after everyone has gone to bed
  • Trying to meditate on the sly when no one is home so your family won’t ask too many questions that you can’t answer
  • Silently trying to figure out what is broken so that you can fix it and feel better
  • Feeling the pull to explore the meaning of life but not wanting anyone to think that you are dissatisfied with the life you’ve got
  • Looking around at everyone else thinking they seem happy, satisfied and fulfilled while you feel empty inside

I see you. I get it. And, I promise you are not alone.