Why You Feeling Good is Necessary for Harmony with Spirit

Do you know how important you are to Spirit? You’re so valuable to Spirit that without you, Spirit would be incomplete. And, without the loving gaze of Spirit upon you at all times, you would cease to exist. Because of the intensity of this dynamic, your relationship with Spirit is the most important relationship in your life. It’s that simple.

Spirit is in this moment is loving you, and anytime you are not feeling your best, you’ve stopped yourself from experiencing Spirit’s love for you.

Your power to focus gives you the freedom to choose to sense Spirit’s love for you. You like to think that when you’re not feeling Spirit’s love, it’s because you’re in an unlovable place. But that’s never true. Love is constantly flowing to you and through you. So, even though you may not be sensing Spirit’s love for you, Spirit will not infringe on your freedom to create your own experience, even if it is an experience of less than love.

Your job is to get yourself in a state of mind where you can sense it again. And, Spirit doesn’t care how you achieve this state of being. Do whatever works for you—meditate, walk in nature, eat an ice cream cone, watch a sunset, go to a funny movie, run around the block. Anything can act as a refocusing tool so that you can change your mood into a receptive state of being and be in harmony with Spirit.

Harmony with Spirit can present itself in many different manifestations of love—creativity, imagination, joy, excitement, serenity, bliss. You’ll know you’ve achieved harmony with Source by the way it feels. It always feels good.

Give yourself permission to feel good, and in those moments, you’ll find Spirit there waiting on you.