Why It’s Impossible to Get Off Your Spiritual Path

One of the questions I get the most from my clients is—Am I on my spiritual path? So, right off, let me say, YES! You cannot get off your path. You cannot stray from your path. You cannot make a wrong turn or even stall out because your path is constantly creating itself as you make your next move. It moves and morphs and changes as you do.

I’ve got good news for you. The Spiritual Path is not about progress. It’s about exploration and expansion. The drive of let’s get from point A to point B as fast as possible is not that important to Spirit. Linear progression is more of a human thing, and then on top of that, we make it into a competition. Sometimes even spiritually-minded folks want to be further along the path than others. Comparison is not possible because everyone’s path is unique to them.

Life is richer and fuller than a straight line. Souls are adventurous. We come into physical life wanting to experience life from many angles. Spiritual Paths can take on circular patterns, become zig-zag in nature, and even have the appearance of standing still. 

So, how did this path thing get started? Well, innately, you know that you are meant to feel good while in a body. You are Spirit in a body. You are Source. So anytime you feel less than that, you believe you are “off your path.” But really, what is happening is that you’re focusing in a way that makes you feel off in your body, not on your path. If you want to feel good in your body, begin by following the fun, the excitement, the enthusiasm. Hone in on those vibrations.

Only you will know what that feels like for you. It could be anything, even if it is something small and insignificant. It doesn’t matter. Permit yourself to lean into the fun. The next step always leads to the step after that and then the one after that. You only need to know the very next step because the future steps re-arrange themselves each time you choose.

You can relax. You don’t need to see the whole way down your path to your destination. You can’t see the ultimate destination because there’s not a final destination. The possibilities of the journey are endless, which is the very nature of creation!