Who really is that Girl in the Mirror?

Do you remind yourself on a daily basis that you are a soul? Do you know that you are more than your physical body? How do we as humans make the identity switch? How do we live a human experience while not grasping to our identity as a person?

These are the questions that I ask myself pretty regularly. I wonder if we can make the switch from seeing ourselves as people to souls. Would it make this life easier? Would it keep the pain in perspective? Would it shed light on our role on earth?

I believe that understanding this eternal part of us and how we are connected to All That Is can help us to let go of our attachment to our personality-self. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to demolish the ego/personality-self. I find it very useful for operating here on earth. But, I yearn to know my Soul-self as intimately as I know my personality-self. I believe that understanding this aspect of myself is the key to having personal peace on earth. When each of us is able to tap into personal peace it allows others to see it is possible.

I know for sure that my Soul-self wants me to know it too. It wants me to know that I am connected to it. It wants me to understand that it is intimately involved in my life.

Have you heard the idea that where your attention goes so does your life? Our focus is powerful. It literally creates our reality by defining what we choose to see, sense, and experience out of the millions of possibilities. What would happen if we focus on our Soul-self? What if our inner life became just as important as out outer life? What could we discover about who we really are without these physical bodies and what is possible within these physical bodies? Just allow yourself to imagine what might be.

Will you join me in turning inward?

If you would like assistance tapping into your Soul-self, please reach out. I would be honored to help you connect in with this aspect of you.