Who is Your Inspirational Hero?

Inspirational Heroes are different than normal heroes—if there can be such a thing as a “normal” hero.

Inspirational heroes ignite something within your spirit that calls to YOU specifically in some way. They help you to remember something important about yourself. 

This reminder can feel kind of vague, almost like trying to remember a dream.

Or it can feel like a road sign pointing you in a particular direction that you didn’t remember you wanted to travel.

Or it can feel like a slap in the face waking you up with a gasp and sudden realization.

Inspirational Heroes serve a vital role in your spiritual path because they are fleshed out, living examples of vibrations that you want to experience. They beam out a signal to you that once you get a glimpse, taste, whiff of you can’t let it go.

That frequency will keep calling to you until you join it. 

Below are a few of my Inspirational Heroes:

  • Shel Silverstein
  • Jimmy Buffett
  • Dr. Suess
  • Mary Poppins
  • Glenda-the Good Witch
  • Pam Grout
  • Esther Hicks

Each of these folks light me up from the inside. They embody whimsy, fun, spirituality with a twist, goodness, creativity, care-freeness, c’est la vie attitude, and uplift-ment of others.