Who are You Listening To?

Most people mean well — (including me.)

They make suggestions, give advice, share stories about their own experiences, and offer encouragement or warnings for your “own good.”

But, they’re not you.

Don’t get me wrong — we are more alike than different because we originate from the same Source, but your life is layered and dynamic. You are constantly changing and morphing according to your current energy, intentions, and ability to listen to your inner wisdom.

Being a seeker can be a glorious thing. You open yourself up to discover meaning and wonder. 

But, it also means you listen and learn from a lot of folks. Most of these experts and gurus are well-meaning, but they can get stuck in your head. You can inadvertently apply their meaning to your life. Sometimes their knowing will ring true with you, and sometimes it’ll fall flat as a new hair-do in high humidity. 

When it falls flat, accept that — no need to bend it and force it into place. Either that is not your path, or you’re not interested in that particular knowing at this time. Both are wonderful options because it means you are getting clearer about your personal mode of operation.

I’m not trying to talk you out of learning and listening to whoever you feel a connection with, but I am trying to talk you into running everything through your own inner wisdom because you are the expert on you.