Where on Earth is the place that feeds your Soul?

Every place on Earth (or in the Universe for that matter) has a unique vibration, a particular energy about it. A felt sense that you can feel when you visit it.

That’s why certain places resonate with you, and others don’t. When you resonate with a spot, it’s like getting an energy boost from the Universe. It nourishes you in some way.

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to feel into the energy of a place. Usually, this happens super fast. I can feel the yumminess of a location or not. 

Some locales feel like returning home as if I’ve been there before. Others feel like tranquility, while others feel fun and festive.

When I resonate with a locale, I love to absorb its energy. Take a long walk, sit by myself for a while, or meditate.

All of us have places that resonate with us. Some may be far-flung corners of the Earth while others are in our neighborhoods.  

Today, visit one of these places in your mind. If it’s nearby, visit in person.

Notice what happens to your mood, energy, and vibration when you think/be/imagine that place.

If you have a picture of this place, print it out and put it someplace where you’ll see it today. Maybe save it as the screen saver on your phone or computer. 

Remember the vibrations of your favorite place. It’s exactly like being there when you match the frequency. Pretty Cool!