What’s Your Soul Got to Say About It?

We have some things to talk about- things that you have been pondering, wondering, and searching for. You have a lot of questions about how life works, why you’re here, and what it all means. On top of those big questions that pull at you, you’re also juggling life as it comes. It’s a lot.

Here’s the thing…

The reason you feel this pull, the reason you have all these big and little questions about your life is that you are remembering who you truly are and it’s not what you previously thought.

You think you are human. And you are. Partially.

But, I’m here to remind you that really, you are Soul. You’re way more Soul than human. A powerful, creative soul who’s choosing to have a very human experience.

I get it. From this human perspective, life feels real. So damn real and believable. Do you know why it feels real? Because you are a terrific manifester. How do I know this? Because you’re here. If you weren’t a fantastic creator, you wouldn’t have the ability to create a human body, much less a whole human life.

Give yourself a high five for getting this far in the human game. Seriously, you deserve it. You have created a physical human life for yourself to experience. Even if the life you’re living isn’t perfect, or even barely tolerable, you did it. You, the master being that you are, manifested life. Well done my friend!

Now that you’re aware of this (at least intellectually), what next? Well, that’s up to you. If you like how your life is going, do nothing differently because it’s working for you (this is where I genuinely wish you the best and hope we meet one day again).

But, if you know that you want your life to be different, interesting, fueled, unique, alive, and you are not sure what to do…

Well, that’s where I come in.

I can sense who you truly are on a soul level and a human level. When we work together, I offer a different perspective than your rational mind is accustom to experiencing. We shake those old human ways up a bit so that more of your Soul-self can shine.

Why does this Soul perspective matter? Because you are Soul and from that vantage point human life looks so different. It’s rich, full, and intoxicating. It’s glorious and alive.

And really, couldn’t you use a bit of glorious in your everyday?