What’s the Universe Telling You?

My connection to the Universe doesn’t always show up in forms that I prefer.

For example, I see the numbers 911 a lot. I mean a whole lot.

For years (no joke—years), this really bugged me. I was pissed that my synchronicities showed up in numbers that either meant an emergency was imminent or a reminder of one of the worst days in American history.

Other people find white feathers and heart-shaped stones as their signs from the Universe, but not me. I’m stuck with a digital reminder of trauma. Who wants that, right?

Until one day, an acquaintance of mine was talking about numerology. Numbers aren’t really my thing—I’m super bad at math, but the idea stopped me in my tracks and I immediately wanted to know what 911 meant.

So, what does one do? She consults Google, of course. According to my search, 911 is a number associated with light-workers. It encourages them to follow their path.

Y’all I resisted this numerical nudge for a long time because I judged the form. If I hadn’t judged the form, I would have understood the message a lot sooner.

Questions to Ponder:

How is the Universe trying to speak to you? Numbers, animals, books, songs, experiences in your meditation? 

If you haven’t noticed the Universe talking to you, begin to pay attention in your ordinary day. What keeps coming up? What strikes a cord with you?

What message are you resisting? What keeps appearing in your life trying to tell you something?

If you aren’t sure how the universe is communicating with you, ask. Ask for a sign and then wait. Give it a few days. See what appears. You’ll know when the answer appears.