What’s Hiding in your Blind Spot that’s Holding you back from Clear Communication with your Soul?

My friend Alison is shopping for a new car.  Her 2002 Nissan served her well, but her trusted chariot is turning into a clunker.

Alison visited one of those mega auto-centers to test drive a bunch of potential new rides. Her primary goal is to find something she feels comfortable driving, so she immediately nixed one of the cars because it has too many blind spots that made it hard to see and navigate.

Alison’s car shopping got me thinking about blind spots in general.

Did you know a blind spot is a term used to describe a particular area within our human vision that cannot detect light due to the lack of photoreceptor cells on the optic disc of the retina?

Since there are no cells in this one part of the eye, in that area of our eye the field of vision is invisible.

Our magnificent brains help us to see around this blind spot by filling in detail with the surrounding information. So, we don’t perceive the blind spot at all. It simply does not exist to us.

Not only do we have these blind spots in our fields of vision, but also our personality!

They show up as character flaws, limiting beliefs, foul moods, or bad habits. We all have them, and usually, someone else can see our blind spot easier than we can. 

Like a blind spot in our eye that blocks out the light in our field of vision, personality blind spots block out the Source-light in our energy field.

We go through life functioning fairly well by adjusting to our blind spots, but the ride is not always comfortable. Imagine navigating life with a dirty windshield. It’s way more satisfying to view life through a clear lens.

The power to eliminate your blind spots is within you.

You know this superpower as awareness. What do you want to be aware of? Your triggers. The things you bump into during your day that irritate you, anger you, frustrate you, and piss you off.

Begin to notice your reaction to triggers. What bugs you? The little irritations and the big ones. Once you become consciously aware that you’re triggered, begin to notice the thought you were thinking right before the trigger.

BINGO! That thought you’re thinking about the situation is your blind spot!

Let me repeat: the thought is the blind spot, not the thing, person, or situation that triggered you.

The uncomfortable thought is energy. It limits your ability to see things clearly. It acts like a black cloud in your perception blocking out the light of who you really are and what you truly believe on a SOUL level.

Your Soul never thinks an uncomfortable thought about anything. If you want to get in touch with your Soul, begin by eliminating your painful beliefs.