What You Should Know About Your Future

“…do not feel threatened by the unknown. The future is born in the unknown and nowhere else.” –Deepak Chopra

How do you feel about the unknown? Is it a dark and scary place or is it a place full of possibilities and potential? Which concept are you choosing to believe? This is an important question so I will ask it again. Which are you choosing to believe?

You see, you get to decide. Is the unknown something you need to protect yourself from or is it an adventure waiting to happen? Either way the unknown will always be there. Out just ahead of where you are standing now.

So, the real question may be how do you want your “now” to feel? Do you want to stand in a place full of worry, anxiety and fear of what may or may not happen? Or do you want to stand in a place full of excitement and wonder about what is possible?

This “now” is a powerful place because in the “now” space is where your life experience is unfolding. Your current life is knowable and understandable while your future consists of many moving parts. These moving parts are made up of elements such as beliefs, emotions, your Soul journey and personal intentions. All of these aspects weave together to create the future that you call to you.

What I have noticed while working with clients is that the future is very much like a book that writes itself as you continue to read the pages. You live life and your future expands one step ahead of you all the time. It is forming as you continue to experience. The-All-That-Is is not waiting for you to catch up but continuously creating with you, through you and for you.

If you want to know what your future looks like, you can get a glimpse of it by observing your now. If you like what you see, change nothing. Continue to think, believe and act the same way. But, if you want to change your life, look at changing your now. Examine which of your perceptions are helping you to feel better now and which perceptions are contributing to you feeling bad. Is your general attitude positive or negative? Are you dreaming, thinking and acting in a way that provides fertile ground for new experiences to grow or are you tilling away at the same old row of weedy beliefs and paradigms?

Remember there is nothing wrong with any decision you make. The-All-That-Is is not judging your choices but enthusiastically waiting your next move so that it can respond to your wishes.