What You Should Know About a Healing Adjustment

Everything is energy.

You. Me. Your symptoms. Healings. All of it.

Everything is happening for you and not to you.

(Even if you don’t understand it from your human perspective.)

We are never victims of fate.

Why? Because you create your circumstances at a Soul+Human level. 

Every person is really a soul masquerading as a human in physical form.

Your Soul-self perspective is present and participating in your experience even while you are in the human body.

Your Soul-self (like it or not) has an opinion about what occurs for you in your human form. 

Healing is effected by your beliefs, your readiness and your Soul’s journey.

Healing is possible.

Miracles are possible.


My role is to act as a facilitator for the Healing Energy.

*This means I act as a conduit or bridge for what wants to happen.

*This could present itself in the form of messages from guides, meditations, visualizations or direct healing. 


Your role is to allow whatever wants to happen for you.

*This means come with an open heart and an open mind.


Spirit’s role (God, The Universe, Guides, Healing Energy, the whole kit ’n kaboodle) is to do the heavy lifting.

*This means that The-All-That-Is responsible for the “How, If, When and Why”.


Please note: Healing Energy is not a substitution for professional medical advice