What to Do When You Can’t Hear Your Intuition, and How to Open the Communication Between You and Your Soul

One of the most frustrating things about listening to your intuition is that sometimes despite your best efforts, it’s super challenging to hear your soul’s guidance. You want to listen to it. You want to know what to do. You’re practically begging the Universe to give you a sign. But the communication line between you and your soul-self feels like it has gone radio silent.

Some things can be at play when your intuition feels like it’s not working.

  • You haven’t taken enough time and space to quiet your mind. When your mind is chatty about a specific question you have for Spirit, and you’re emotionally attached to the outcome, you’ll need to take some extra time in your meditation to find your neutral sweet-spot to hear your guidance clearly. Extra time could be as little as meditating for 20 minutes or more before you ask for guidance. But, on the other hand, it could also mean several days or weeks of finding your neutral, calm space before you can hear your intuition clearly.
  • You’re getting tiny intuitive flashes of insight, but the bigger picture isn’t clear. When this happens, it can be super frustrating because it feels like you are sensing through an intuitive fog. It took me a long time to understand that Spirit often sends us flashes of insight leading us toward the answer but not showing everything at once. Souls do this for many reasons (a whole other blog), but the important thing to do is notice your intuitive flashes and record them. It will help you settle down and trust that you’re being shown something.
  • It’s not time yet. Trusting divine timing can be wildly frustrating because you want to know what you want to know and when you want to know it. But the Universe is a big, mysterious place, and your soul, from its non-physical vantage point, can see all the energetic moving parts and knows the perfect time and way forward and knows when to wait. So, sometimes no guidance is guidance. This can be hard to accept, but nothing is guidance too. It’s part of learning to trust and appreciate all the Universal orchestration that takes behind the scenes on your behalf. 

So, what’s gone wrong? Not a thing. You’ve just been thinking something is off. Everything is still working beautifully.

So, relax. Take a breath. Your intuition is working. Your soul is communicating. Nothing is wrong. Remember to do your part by nurturing your calm, neutral inner space so that you can hear your guidance when it shows up. And trust that your soul is in cahoots with the Universe, and when you need to know what to do next, the guidance will be there.