What Modern-day Health Experts Aren’t Telling You about the Possible Spiritual Side Effects of Meditation

Meditation is on the rise. Lots of folks are touting the benefits of quieting your mind for a few minutes a day. Lower blood pressure, less, anxiety, a better night’s sleep, a clearer mind, and a calmer attitude are just a few of the benefits of meditation.

What the health experts aren’t telling you is that when you begin to meditate, especially if you develop a consistent meditation practice, you can have experiences that science can’t easily explain. So, they don’t talk about it.

Below are a few things you can experience during meditation:

  • Energy Sensations: Feelings of energy in your body can manifest in many ways such as tingling, a charged electrical feeling, interior champagne bubbles, or pressure. These sensations could be in your belly area (solar plexus), heart center, hands/forearms, the crown of the head, and the space between your eyes.
  • Visions: Visions usually occur in your mind’s eye or what is commonly known as your imagination. Different from your regular old imagination, you’re not consciously creating these visions. You’re receiving visions created by the inner you. Some people see images with their physical eyes, but this is rare.
  • Knowing: You may begin to know things about yourself or others without being able to explain how you know logically. You just do. 
  • Beings: Our friends and colleagues from the “other side” will sometimes appear during meditations. Maybe a possible loved one that has passed, an old pet or someone you don’t recognize from this lifetime.
  • Physical Symptoms: Aches and pains that are not yours. 
  • Sounds: You could hear melodies, music, tunes, noises, and other sounds.
  • Taste: There are a few people who notice flavors without having food in their mouth. Maybe they taste the specialty bread that their late mother made or the tobacco taste that reminds them of their grandfather. 
  • Touch: Feeling like something is touching you; for example, it can feel like a hand on your shoulder, a feather on your check or pressure on the middle of your back. Spirit is very respectful of where they touch you.

When a phenomenon occurs that can’t be explained by the rational mind, it’s easy to dismiss it as an overactive imagination.  But, often it’s Spirit trying to get your attention.

If Spirit is reaching out to you, don’t be afraid. You can relax. Rest assured that the communication is letting you know that you’re loved, supported, guided, and tended to. 

If you are experiencing the spiritual side of meditation and have some questions, I am happy to assist you.