What is Possible For You?

I love hearing about people who trust in the cooperation of the Universe. They innately know that there is a wonderful mix of co-creating going on when they engage with their flow. This collaboration of human skills and energy inspiration is delicious when it happens. And, it is obvious. Not only does the person know it, but others watching do too.

Jazz pianist Keith Jarrett is a great example of trusting the flow. He improvises his live concerts and cannot explain how his music takes shape. He says that when he begins his show he purposefully pushes preconceived notes out of his mind. He allows his hands to be moved to different keys. “I’m bypassing the brain completely. I am pulled by a force that I can only be thankful for.” Jarrett has learned to trust that there will be music without having a plan.

Jarrett is just one example of what can happen when we allow the flow that is us to emerge. It is like stepping into a stream that is already moving and becoming part of the stream. You don’t lose yourself in it, but you allow it to move you in ways that you could not imagine on your own. 

Where does the flow want to take you?

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