What if surrender is the same frequency as trust?

I’ve resisted surrendering for a long time. Part of me hates the thought of giving up, giving in, and possibly not getting what I want. This is the aspect of me that likes control. The part of me that  is addicted to the outcome and results. This part of me secretly loves all spiritual talk about creating my reality, manifesting, and  living on purpose. It relishes the Law of Attraction because this part of me wants to control my life circumstances. It needs the recipe for a guaranteed outcome. (This aspect of me is very sneaky. It will even use spiritual teachings to try to reassure itself.)

But what I’m slowly learning is that surrendering the outcome, the results, the resistance, and the control leads to trust.  It leads to trust in life, the Universe, and myself that I can handle whatever is thrown my way. Needing to control is the result of needing to feel safe.

I’ve noticed that what I do have control over is how I feel on the inside—my energy and vibration. When I’ve found the frequency of peace, love, calm, or serenity, then nothing really has to be different on the outside. The outside circumstances will change because that’s what they do, but the stability, the feeling of safety comes from the inside. 

2020 has been a year-long lesson in surrender and in trust. If you’ve been struggling with wanting to control things, give yourself a break by knowing this is a very human thing we try to do. So, you’re not alone in wanting control, but when you decide to change your focus from outside circumstances to inside attitudes, you’ll notice that the Universe comes in to help. And that help is way bigger than anything you can control.