What do​ a Fabric Store, a Garden Center, and the School Supply Aisle at Target all have in Common? (It’s not what you think.)

Follow your bliss. This advice used to really piss me off. I would think to myself, “if I knew how to follow my bliss, don’t you think I’d be doing it.” 

I was super frustrated and found myself spinning in circles trying to figure it out, but it’s way easier than I made it.

The secret most folks don’t know–Bliss hides in plain sight. It’s in the most random things and in ordinary places. 

Tracking is the key to finding your bliss.

When you begin to pay attention to where you notice being blissful, then you are on the right track, and it becomes a more straight forward process. 

For example, I noticed that when I visit my local garden store in the springtime, I swoon with delight. Something about the colorful array of flowers, the abundance of plants to choose from, and the smell of mulch feels heavenly to me. It’s blissful. It makes me giddy in a way I can’t explain. The sheer beauty and potential fill me with delight.

A home fabric store does the same thing for me. Or, the school supply aisle at Target. All blissful places.

Sometimes an action is blissful. Walking through the woods in the park near my home soothes my soul.

That’s another important thing to understand—bliss can feel like emotions such as enthusiasm, peace, exuberance, calmness, happiness, and delight. Bliss is a range of joyful feelings.

To track (or follow) your bliss begin to notice where, when, with whom, you feel wonderful.

Once you notice, enjoy the feeling. Savor it. Then do that thing often.

When your spirit knows you’re hooked on the feeling of bliss, it will give you clues and nudges of other ways you might find that same feeling. Your soul will send you ideas and inspiration that lead to more bliss.

Follow those clues.

Helpful hint: When you get to the next blissful experience allow that one experience to be enough on its own. Because the more you savor the easier it is for Spirit to bring you more experiences that match that feeling.

Then you are off and running because more bliss + more bliss = a blissful life.