Want to hear your Energy Beings?

Recently I was asked how someone can begin to hear their Energy Beings. I love this question because we all have access to inner guidance! So, I thought I would share a post from last fall in response to this question…

When I first began to meditate I was given simple instructions…
Close your eyes.
Sit up straight.
Follow your breath.
When your mind strays from your breath return your attention there.

You know what? It didn’t work.

I could only clear my mind for a few minutes before images, suggestions and ideas would come tumbling into my head. I would silently fuss at myself and then try to return my attention back to my breath. This breath focus lasted a couple of minutes and then here came the onslaught of information. My frustration built. My lack of patience with myself turned into “What’s wrong with you? You can’t even meditate right!”.

At the time I had no idea that my vibrational tribe was trying to get my attention. (I like to think of guides, beings, angels, and teachers that are not physical as my vibrational tribe.) They sent me images in my mind, words to contemplate and ideas for all sorts of things. I thought it was just my imagination! Instead of listening I was tuning out all sorts of useful information!

But, I didn’t know. I labeled everything I was receiving as thoughts in my own mind. I discounted the guidance beaming to me. You see, I didn’t know that each one of us has a whole team of Energy beings who are constantly in contact with us. They are offering guidance, love, support and much more. We are not alone in this human adventure! We think we are singular, but in reality we have a whole posse of energy folks helping us every step of the way. Each one of us.

If you want to hear your energy beings, try these ideas.

*When you sit to meditate notice when your mind wanders. If the information feels flat like you are reading words on a page, it’s your own mind and you can refocus on your breath.

*If the information has a feeling behind it like excitement, clarity or knowing, allow yourself to place your attention on the information. See where it takes you. Information from your energy beings has depth to it. It feels rich and layered.

*Sometimes the information comes in quick and then it is gone. Sometimes it lingers and expands. Allow whatever wants to happen to be ok. Don’t try to make it more than what it is. You are getting your vibrational feet wet.

*Information can also come in as sensations. Sensations can show up in particular areas of your body or all over. The sensations can feel like champagne bubbles, thickness in the air, a feeling of being enveloped by this moment, a lightness of being to name just a few.

*Write it down. Write down the ideas that come, the messages you receive, anything that you notice. Writing it down helps our human brain to catch up. Our brain sometimes needs time to rewire itself to the idea that information can come in a different way than our traditional five senses.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Energy beings always have useful information. They bring love, guidance and light to a subject. They never use fear, intimidation or control. Never. You are always in control of your experience.

I promise that your energy beings are waiting for you to want to hear from them. Have fun with it!