Think you’ve got one Body, one Mind, one Spirit? What if that’s only partially right?

Consciousness is a difficult thing to grasp because our human brain has a hard time understanding things outside of our physical senses.

But it’s not impossible to wrap our brain around the abstract idea of consciousness because we’ve learned to trust other things that we don’t fully comprehend so we can use them and benefit from them.

For example, the economy is an extensive system with many moving parts, and usually, we don’t understand why it grows or shrinks. Still, we can feel the effects of a booming economy or a recession.

Another example is the internet. We use this system every day without truly knowing how information is stored, shared, or sourced. (What the heck is the cloud?)

Consciousness is also a system, a system of life, that we may not fully understand how it works, but we can still benefit from it and feel the effects of it.

To understand it a bit better, imagine you contain trillions of bubbles of consciousness.

Those consciousness bubbles are non-physical energies. You may call this part of you soul, spirit, or higher-self.

But, it’s not that singular. Your bubbles of consciousness are made up of many different non-physical consciousnesses. These energies move in and out of you–depending on your interests, your life situation, and your desires.

Picture it like you’re one big cocktail party. You, the personality-body, are the venue. As the venue, you set the tone of the party and the ambiance.

Your consciousnesses are the party-goers. They drift in and out of the venue, depending on what’s occurring at the party. Some of your bubbles of energy stay for the whole party.  Others come and go depending on what you require or where you are focused.

All of these consciousnesses are attentive to you because they are a part of you. They’re specifically, personally invested in your well-being. Supporting you, guiding you, helping you, and encouraging you. 

They show up in your life as the next idea, synchronicity, good-timing, inspiration, and so much more.

From your human perspective, you don’t have to do anything to help this process along. It occurs naturally. But, when you become personally aware of the flow in your own life, it really does begin to feel like a party!