There is NO Shame in Losing Your Balance

I know, I’ve fallen into the old habit of worry more than I’d like over the last year. Maybe you have too? It’s okay. It happens to all of us (especially in the current energy of the pandemic.)

So, when life feels overwhelming or out of control, it’s best to get back to basics to feel safe in the here and now. It’s an immense help to quiet our outer world so that we can tune to the natural calm of our inner world.

Follow these easy-peasy steps to regain your balance. And, remember it’s a practice. You don’t need to do it perfectly to reap the benefits.

  1. Take a few deep breaths. Breathing connects us to our bodies automatically. It centers our focus naturally and easily
  2. Feel your feet. Wiggle them. Notice if they are hot or cold. Sweaty or dry. Can you feel your socks or shoes? Get specific because that helps you get present.
  3. Look around your surroundings. Slowly, take in the colors and textures, the warmth or coolness. Notice objects. Become acutely aware of your environment. When we realize we are safe in the here and now it calms the nervous system.
  4. Relax. Relax your body even more. Unclench muscles that you are holding—jaw, forehead, shoulders, butt, and hips. Invite your body to gently relax as much as it will. No forcing.
  5. Find your center. Whatever this means to you. The center of your being. The locus of yourself. See where your attention goes when you seek your center-point. Rest there. And, return as often as you like.