The Universe Knows Your Desires and Is Answering Them—Even a New Car!

I cannot wait to share this story with you! It is an awesome example of how the Universe hears your needs, wants and desires no matter how big or small.

Last week a good friend of ours was bemoaning the fact that his daughter is turning 16 next week. And, like every 16 year old she really, really, really (did I mention really) wants a car for her birthday. Our friend is a good dad and does his best to please his only daughter, but he did not have the extra cash for a car for her birthday. It was just not in the budget.

Fast forward a few days. Our friend is playing in a fundraiser golf tournament for the Make A Wish Foundation. (So ironic that the tournament was for Make A Wish—such a great play on words!)

Our friend is relaxed having a great time with his buddies, enjoying the afternoon off from work and playing his favorite sport. Not thinking about his daughter, the upcoming birthday or the car problem. Just out having fun.

The foursome are enjoying their round when they reach Hole #14. A par 3. This year the tournament directors have set up Hole #14 as a give away hole. If you make a hole-in-one, someone has the chance to win a car. Now, it is not easy to make a hole-in-one much less make a hole-in-one where you have the opportunity to win a car.

Guess what?

That is exactly what our friend did! He made a hole-in-one! WON a car the week before he needed a car to give to his daughter for her birthday. Does the Universe have excellent timing or what?

You may be asking how does this happen?

Well, our friend is blessed, fortunate, and treasured.

And you know what? So are you!

Here is how it works. The Universe is intimately listening to every desire you have. The big and the small. The-All-That-Is wants to please you. Wants to be in on the fun. Wants to have a hand in the creation of your experience, but we humans think we have to go it alone. We have convinced ourselves that we are problem solvers. We have bought into the idea that we must use out analytical brain to figure how to make things happen.

It is time for a change! So, get out of your head. Stop trying to solve all your problems. Give them up to the Universe. Allow your Energy team to play a part in your life. They want to help. Allow them to join in on this amazing life experience!

Surely, you must agree that our friend had way more fun winning a car by making a hole-in-one than he would have ever had trying to get a car another way? Plus, our friend could not have engineered this avenue from his human brain in a million years. Allow the Universe to show you how much it loves you! It wants to express its love for you in any way that you will allow it.