The Times They Are A-Changin

Many people are recognizing that our planet is changing. As a human species the way we have been operating in the world is shifting. Most people are interpreting this changing time as chaotic. A few think the world is getting worse and harkening for earlier days by trying to cling to the way it used to be. Others are wanting to push the shift into action with protests and movements. Many of us our experiencing turbulence of some kind.

Take heart my friend. If you view the shift from human perspective it can feel overwhelming, but if you pull back the view finder into Universal perspective it feels like the next phase in our human evolution. It feels natural and logical like a person moving from adolescence to teenager to adult to senior. All part of the process of growing up.

I am sensing the shift as a threshold time for all of us globally (maybe universally). We are collectively walking through a door into something new, different and unknown. Personally, I am walking through a doorway to the unknown and sometimes it scares the sh*t out of me and sometimes I can’t wait to see what is revealed next. As we work through our fear of needing to know what is next and trying to control the outcome, the shift will turn from feeling like chaos to feeling like an adventure.

We are not alone in this changing time. I can feel the extra attention from the Energy-beings on all of us. It’s like all the Energy-beings want to be at the party. There is no panic or judgment coming from the non-physical folks. Nothing is going wrong; they just seem super interested.

It also feels like a huge honor to be physical at this time. We get the unique perspective to experience the shift as humans and our Soul-selves get to experience it as beings. Remember from a Soul perspective we decided to be here. We didn’t want to miss out on the fun.

Potential is a word that keeps coming up as I sense into the shift. Experiencing our potential. For no other reasons than it feels really good to “be” our potential. Being our potential means embracing our gifts and stretching our beliefs so that we can allow ourselves to fully embody our true selves.

Like Bob Dylan wrote “the times are a-changin” and the changing times do not have to be a scary thing. They can be an adventurous thing! For me, the shift feels like being in line for the roller coaster at the fair. Super exciting. Anticipatory. A little nervous. And hoping I don’t pee in my pants when I get turned upside down!


If you would like some clarity around the shift or how to navigate your way through it, please reach out to me. I would be honored to assist you.