The Answer to Every Client’s Top Question

“What should I do?”

 I get this question a lot from clients when they’re at a crossroads – unsure which way to go.

Most folks are looking for the neon arrow that will point them in the right direction.

Ironically, life isn’t going to tell us what to do. Why not? Because it’s here to serve us. Life likes to give us options.

As humans, we carry an innate ability to create. That’s why we’re here—to create. I am not talking about art, or business, or fortunes. Although, those are lovely things to create. When I use the word create, I mean it with a big “C.”

You’re Creating your life experience as you go.

You Create with every thought you think.

You Create with every decision you make.

You Create with every non-decision you make.

You Create with your awareness and attention.

So, now you get the idea that you’re always creating. And here is the kicker– most of us are creating in the default mode. We aren’t paying attention to our lives as we live them. And, we get all confused when our life gives us a bunch of stuff we don’t want. We ask how did this sh*t happen?

How do you begin creating a life that gives you joy? How do you tune into what makes your heart sing? How do you find your purpose?

It’s easier than you think! It happens little by little. Adjusting as you go.

Try these three processes to hone in on a life that feels good to you.

Tiny Bits: Break your day into tiny bits. Every time you enter a new section of your day, think of it as a small new bit of time. Ask yourself what do I want from this little bit of time? How do I want to spend it? What’s my intention?

For example, when driving your car to work, your intention for that tiny bit of time may be to drive safely, efficiently, or peacefully. When you arrive at the office that’s another tiny bit of time. What do you want from that experience?

Decide: When you are indifferent about a topic the energy is stagnant. When you are indecisive about a subject, the energy is thick and dense. When you are confused, the energy has a swirly feel.

When you decide the stagnant energy begins to flow! Flowing energy is energizing and healthy. Moving energy will always make you feel alive because everyday decisions pull life force energy through you.

Even small decisions get the energy moving. By deciding what to wear to that special party (without asking anyone else), or deciding if the cute guy on Tinder is interesting enough to meet for coffee, or which food nourishes you, or when to start saving for retirement you are naturally moving energy towards your new intention. Moving energy feels good to the body, mind, and soul.

Begin-Again: If you are worried abut making the wrong decision, don’t fret because you can always Begin-Again.

Sometimes you don’t like what you are creating. Sometimes you do like it. Sometimes you once loved it, and you don’t like it anymore. It doesn’t matter because you can always begin-again. And, the best part is that you don’t have to upheave your life. You only need to readjust in small ways. Life is a constant re-adjustment of our thoughts, emotions, and actions so that we can tune into what we really want.

Creating a life you love is a constant process of learning to listen to what you want. Know what you know. Decide. And remember, you can always redirect.