The Nature of Consciousness

I remember the first time I felt energy tingling through my body—a sensation that felt like tiny champagne bubbles vibrating on the inside of my skin. It felt so delicious that I didn’t move a muscle hoping to hang on to the feeling as long as possible. It was my first experience of physically feeling an aspect of consciousness flowing through me.

Consciousness is the 21st-century label for an ancient is-ness that existed before time and form. It’s been called many things in the past—energy, God, Source, Yahweh, The-All-That-Is, The Great Spirit, Atman, and more. Humans like to define our experiences so that we can understand them. Especially when we are trying to understand something beyond our physical self, we find it helpful to have a signpost that points to the is-ness even if the word falls short of encompassing its grandness.

The most important thing to grasp is that the nature of consciousness is an aliveness that we can experience and benefit from its effects. 

Through my work, I’ve noticed that each individual contains trillions of bubbles of consciousness. You may call this part of you soul, spirit, or higher-self. But it’s not that singular. Your consciousness consists of many different streams of non-physical consciousnesses. These energies move in and out of you, depending on your interests, life situation, and desires.

Picture it like you’re one big cocktail party. You, the personality-body, are the venue. As the venue, you set the tone of the party and the ambiance.

Your consciousness is the party-attendees. They drift in and out of the venue, depending on what’s occurring at the party. Some of your bubbles of energy stay for the whole party.  Others come and go depending on your focus and interests. As the venue, you typically interpret the party-goers as a singular party—you—instead of noticing each participant’s nuances.

Here’s the best part—all of these energies are attentive to you because they are a part of you. Supporting you, guiding you, helping you, and encouraging you. They show up in your life as the next idea, synchronicity, good-timing, inspiration, and so much more. They’re specifically invested in your well-being because you are them.

From your human perspective, you don’t have to do anything to help this process along. It occurs naturally. But, when you become aware of the flow of consciousness in your life, Life begins to feel exhilarating, fun, and alive! Very much like a party!