The Gift in 2020

Now that we are in the thick of 2020, you might have begun to notice a new spiritual theme of creativity showing up for you.

The worldwide pandemic has hit the proverbial pause button on the old recording of busyness and over-scheduling. The current “pause” has created more space and time in daily life.

Take advantage of this unique experience. You now have the opportunity to reflect inwardly, connect to what you really want for your life, and begin creating those experiences.

Now is the time to allow yourself to go deeper with your spiritual alignment and flow with the creative forces in more spontaneous and guided ways. 

I encourage you to listen for and embrace this subtle creative-force that’s weaving its way through your life because this is how to be truly happy and fulfilled. You can’t be your true authentic Spirit-Self if you are hiding from your magnificence. 

Remember, the main reason you are here is to experience yourself fully as a unique reflection of Source while knowing you’re a part of life’s wholeness.

Right now, you may be confused about how to embrace your soul-path, but it’s easier than you think. It doesn’t have to feel like struggle, confusion, and sacrifice. 

Start by permitting yourself to lean into your joy, your passion, your excitement. Listen to the whispers of what feels interesting, intriguing, or fun. Following these feelings is important because that’s the communication from your Spirit-Self that you are in harmony with your Soul. 

You can do this by listening to your heart. It will always guide you to a solution for every challenge.

You’ve got to get comfortable feeling your way through life. You’ve learned to think, plan, and strategize, but those tactics are no longer working. As humans, we are learning to dance with life instead of controlling life.

Intuitively, you know what is best for you, what is true, and how to take action from the heart. It just takes practice to block out all the noisy static from the world and learn to trust yourself and your inner wisdom.

By listening to your heart-wisdom, you’ll become the conscious-creator you came to be.