The Easiest Way to Solve All Your Problems

All of us experience Aha moments from time to time. An Aha Moment is that feeling of epiphany when a new idea, thought or solution pops into your awareness. It is accompanied by a sense of clarity and knowing that stops you in your tracks. The Aha Moment is an insight that didn’t come from your logical analytical brain. It doesn’t feel like a regular old thought. It has a different flavor. 

Have you noticed that Aha Moments do not come when you are in problem-solving mode? Aha Moments drift into our reality when we are most relaxed and often times thinking about something else or not thinking about anything.

Many times when I am in the shower I receive Ahas. There is something about the routine of bathing, the sound of the water and being alone that allows these small epiphanies to show themselves. Many great minds know this to be true. Newton was leisurely watching an apple fall from a tree when he discovered gravity. Archimedes figured our a method for measuring volume while taking a bath. Thoreau would wander through the woods while receiving insights. Taymor, director of The Lion King, says that some of her best ideas come after sleeping.

The next time you are puzzling through something and the answer seems to be alluding you try taking a break. Go for a walk, meditate, watch a sunset, sit by a lake. Do something to distract you from the problem. The reason this works is because the frequency of a problem and the frequency of a solution are not the same. Focusing on a problem keeps you narrowly focused. In contrast, to receive an Aha you must be open to new ideas. Can you feel the difference between a narrow focus and a wide-open focus? Each type of focus is important to the equation. You just have to know when to use which tool. 

To state it another way, you must let go of your grip on the problem for the answer to appear. Why is this? I believe one of the biggest reasons that it helps to let go of the problem is that The-All-That-Is has the solution for you, but you can’t sense it when you are closed around the problem. You don’t allow your Beings access to you when you are hyper-focused on a problem. Beings work on a different frequency which is subtle and gentle. Relaxing and allowing helps you to hear them more clearly. Don’t you want all the help you can get?