The Best Question to Ask Yourself that Will Lead to a Peaceful Life

In my practice I work with people who are often trying to get to the heart of the matter. They want to know how to have a successful marriage, how to change careers mid-life, how to raise happy kids or how to integrate spirituality into their lives.

My clients are trying to understand themselves and their lives at a deeper level. They don’t want to live life on the surface skating by. They want to explore all the best ways to fully integrate a life with meaning. 

Inevitably when working with a client, we bump up against a “belief ceiling” that is hindering them from living their best life. A belief ceiling is a belief or cluster of beliefs that keep you from rising to the next level of your awareness. It acts as a ceiling keeping you fixed in an old awareness. The funny thing about a belief ceiling is that it feels real. It feels like something fixed that cannot be transcended. But, you CAN move beyond it with one simple question.

Is this Belief helpful?

Yep. It is that simple. No right or wrong. No good or bad. No arguing that my family, community, pet Chiwhawa believes this thought so I have believe it too. Nope. One question. That’s it. Do you find the belief helpful?

If you think the belief you are holding on to is helpful, you get to keep it. It’s yours. It is your right.

If the belief is unhelpful, then you get to decide to move past it. You get to let that belief go. You get to choose a new belief that feels more like you. More like the evolved you. 

Sounds simple right? It is. And, it can be easy. Some beliefs are ready to move out of your awareness and they easily shift. Some take a little more focus on your part. The power is in deciding if the belief is helpful and wether you want to keep it or not. And, then directing your thoughts, your actions, and your life from that new vantage point.