Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I am having a day. 

One of those terrible, horrible no good, very bad days. (Remember Alexander?)

Maybe you can relate?

  • I woke up late.
  • Rushed to my first appointment.
  • Couldn’t find a parking place.
  • Had a very serious discussion with my cardiologist about something odd on my EKG. I now have a cardiologist. 
  • Understood next to nothing about what he said. Do all cardiologist speak like caveman? Grunts and unfamiliar words.
  • Dropped off my car for a recall issue and now they want to charge me $150 diagnostic fee. Sounds like my new cardiologist.
  • Ate a shitty lunch on a styrofoam plate with plastic cutlery.
  • Now I am sitting at my desk trying to be inspired to write something inspiring. 
  • Did I mention it’s raining outside?

Somedays we feel really human—separate, alone, small.

Don’t get me wrong. Being human can feel great too. It can feel like joy and love and peace and bubble gum. When we are having those days we feel close to each other and to Source. We feel alive. 

And, then there are other days where we feel like we are enduring because that is all we can do today.

I just want you to know its okay to have a bad day.

Don’t fight the current.

Allow life to have its way with you.

Because the current will shift.

The energy will change. Then you can lick your wounds and try again.

Don’t give yourself a hard time about having an off day.

This human adventure is just that an adventure. Like any great adventure there are times that are hard. That feel like work. That suck.

Don’t worry too much about it. 

The current will change and you will soon find the wind at your back making great time sailing off into the sunset.

Just not today.

And that’s okay.