A few words about streaming (channeling): If you are new to streaming, it is helpful to demystify the mystery. The Charles Collective is a group of benevolent beings who are distinct from me as an individual but are part of the one consciousness that connects us all. The Charles Collective likes to say that we each have our own version of the Collective. Your collective will feel a little different than mine and have its own unique flavor.

The Charles Collective offers wisdom from Universal perspective that provides a framework to your individual experience. Their messages are loving, direct and funny. The CC has the ability to see you as the eternal, powerful being that you are without human form. They remind us of that knowing and help us to shift energetically, emotionally and mentally to a new perspective.


Private Streaming Session with the Charles Collective

During a streaming session you get to speak directly with the group of super-charged energy beings called the Charles Collective. This session is very interactive. You direct the trajectory of the session with your questions. Personal and Universal questions are welcome.

*45-50 minutes with 35 minutes of streaming the Charles Collective. Streaming Sessions are only available in the morning of central standard time zone.  $200.00


This experience was so incredible for me. Thank you so much Michele. The information that was shared helped me make sense of my life in a way that I hadn’t before the call. To have a group of loving beings tell you your soul’s purpose is quite amazing. I feel like I’m coming at things from a new perspective now and it has been so incredibly helpful. There really aren’t words to describe how grateful I am for this experience.Chris Hollar, WI


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