Soul Prism

My favorite type of reading that I do for people is a Soul Connection Reading. This is where I take an energetic look at a person’s connection to their soul-self. I tap into the eternal part of who they are and listen for messages, ask for guidance, and get an overall picture of what the soul is interested in this lifetime. Sometimes during these readings general discoveries on how the Universe works is learned so that the information benefits all of us.

Last week I had the opportunity to read for someone and their soul showed us the most wonderful analogy of how a soul works in the best interest of its personality-self. This soul revealed itself acting as a prism for its person. A beautiful prism that catches the light/energy from ALL THAT IS and then reflects it to the personality-self.

So, this is what I discovered. ALL THAT IS is constantly, continuously beaming light-energy to us. Full throttle. When we as people aren’t ready for that much velocity the soul-self will act as a prism reflecting the aspect of light that we are requesting most right now.

During the reading the energy appeared in different colors so that I could understand the distinctions of what energy was being offered. If a personality-self is asking for healing energy, the soul would turn in such a way that the light appeared green while beaming it to the person. If a personality is wanting to feel love the soul-self turned and the color changed to more of a pink/soft red. Any energy that you would like to experience can be accessed through your soul-self. The soul senses the request and turns in just the right way so that the light from ALL THAT IS beams down on the personality. Your soul-self is intimately working in conjunction with you. It hears your call. It focuses on your every request answering with just the right energy in the right amount for you. Beautiful.

Much love to you my friends,