Ringing My Jingle Bells

I love to decorate for the holidays. It helps me put me in the Christmas spirit. One of the fun things I do is add jingle bells to our back door.  When one of us uses the back door the bells jingle and reminds us of the sounds of Christmas cheer.

This Christmas season I have noticed the bells ringing on their own. Wild, I know! I will be in the house by myself and the bells will ring.  For several weeks now I have downplayed the ringing as a current of air moving through the house or maybe I am just hearing “things”.

Today, I was on the phone with my husband and the bells started ringing. So, I told him I keep hearing the jingle bells ring by themselves. He laughed and said, ME TOO! He told me that last night he heard them over and over again while we were sleeping. He even got up to check to make sure that no one was entering the house.

So, now we have concluded that someone wants us to know that they are around for the season. Possibly our own personal Christmas elves wanting in on the fun of the Holiday!