Right and Wrong

Question:  Are all adjectives judgments?

Answer:  Yes, but is that a bad thing.

I have been thinking a lot about judgment lately. There is a big part of me that is ready to be done with this aspect of human living. Does this mean I am judging judgment as a bad thing? Possibly. It also means that I am growing into a version of me that understands there is no right way to live which means there is no wrong way to live either.

So what does this mean? For me, it boils down to trust. I am choosing to trust that the Universe knows what it is doing with each of us. I am choosing to trust that my Soul-self knows how to live through me and I am choosing to trust that others have access to their Soul-selves just like I do. I am choosing to trust that we are always guided back to our true nature…wise, powerful, eternal beings that we are. I am also choosing to trust that there is room for it all. So much space and ways for things to play out that we don’t always comprehend it from our human vantage point.

I am trusting the process of this human life that it will show me the goodness in all things. Not just the goodness in all things, but the divinity of everything.