Riding Tandem With Your Soul Self

There are two versions of you experiencing your life at the same time. Kind of a wild idea, but hang in here with me.  The first perspective that most people are aware of is your personality-self. Your personality-self is the you that shows up in this lifetime. It is the part of you that decides what to wear, what to eat, or how you interact with your friends. When you look in the mirror most believe that the refection looking back at you is you (and it kind of is).

Did you know there is another version of you? The Soul-self. It is more you than the reflection in the mirror. It is the version of you that is eternal. It is who you were before you chose this body and who you are after you are finished with this body. It is you. You do not have a soul. You are a soul.

At this point you may be asking how does this work? There are two of me? At the same time? Yes!

Imagine a tandem bicycle. Your personality-self is in the driver’s seat. Your personality-self acts as the front man. This aspect of yourself gets to steer your life in the direction you choose. You get to experience the ride first hand. Feel the resistance of the wind, the sunshine on your skin, the bugs in your teeth, or the smell of the flowers as you ride. The good and the bad is all part of the excursion.

Your Soul-self is the second rider. The Soul-self is the power behind your life. It is the muscle, the energy, the momentum of your physical life. It experiences most of the ride through you while supporting you with its presence. It cycles along with you in real time. Because your Soul-self isn’t in the front seat worrying about the details like bugs, traffic or the upcoming hill it can keep the ride in perspective. It takes in the broader view while truly enjoying every aspect of the ride.

The Soul-self intimately knows your personality-self. It knows when you need to rest or when you are humming along at full capacity. It sees the long haul and can coach or cheer you on to the most rewarding adventure. Your Soul-self also knows when you need to take the scenic route and when the most direct path is advantageous. This aspect of you can play an integral part in your physical life, if you want. All you have to do is ask for assistance because your Soul-self has your back. It is all up to you. You can spend your life pedaling your ass off believing that you are doing it alone or you can realize that you have the power of your Soul-self riding along with you who is eager to pitch in and be an active part of the team.

For me, when I fall into the trap of thinking that I am doing it all alone life feels hard and overwhelming but when I lean in to the support of my Soul-self life shifts. The support of the Soul-self changes the view through our human perspective. It downplays the small stuff and emphasizes the wonder and curiosity of this life. Life can become enjoyable in the midst of chaos.


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