Are you searching for answers? If so, you have landed in the right place because I get it! I am the ultimate questioner. I want to know why, how, who, when and where? What I have found is that questions are the ingredient that make readings so much fun. Curiosity is the key. It unlocks meaning, explores possibilities and discovers potential. What are you curious about knowing? Together we can tap into the wisdom that is available to you.

There are several ways that we can work together. Please take a look at the offerings and see what speaks to you. If you have any questions, I am happy to discuss them with you.

Soul Connection Readings

During a Soul Connection reading I will look at your connection with your
*personality-self (the you in this body this time around)
*soul-being self (the eternal you)
*energy guides (each person comes along with a whole team of energy helpers)
*soul-being journey (the adventure of the eternal you).
This reading can be specific to this lifetime or it can highlight the thread between many lifetimes.

*45-50 minutes in length. $125.00

Discovery Reading

During a Discovery Reading I will look at any topic in your life where you would like more clarity. This can be relationship, a job, your life purpose, or direction. Really, nothing is off limits. This reading is very interactive and specific to what you want to know right now. You will get to participate and ask as many questions as you like.

*45-50 minutes in length. $125.00


In Person Session

In person sessions are available if you live in the Memphis Metropolitan area. If you are interested in booking an In-Person Session, please contact me through the Contact page.

*45-50 minutes in length. $200.00




“My reading with Michele was such a gift. She was so kind and confident which made our session flow with ease from start to finish. She is able to see/hear/feel/know well past this 3D existence to shed light on things that are meaningful and helpful in the big picture as well as in our daily lives. I felt a sense of comfort and excitement after our time together. And you can really tell she loves what she’s doing which makes all the difference.”Bridgette Parent, TX

I would be honored to work with you. Please book your session below.