Quest for Rest

Quest for Rest

I love a fall day.
I love the angle of the southern light that shines into my house this time of year.
I love the trees changing colors from green to red, orange, and yellow.
I love the crispness of the sky as the air looses its humidity.
I love the messiness of fallen leaves all over my yard.

There is something about fall that makes me pause and reflect.

Upon reflection this year I have noticed a deep urge to rest.  My craving for rest feels primal like an innate curling in mode–a withdrawing inside myself to regroup, reflect and recharge.  I don’t know if my need for rest is due to the shorter days and longer nights or the cooler weather, but I do know that rest is softly calling my name.

There is a part of me that does not want to heed the call to rest.  My need for rest flies in the face of the part of me that is goal driven.  This action part of me wants to achieve, do more, excel, and grow.  This action part of me never wants to rest.  It thinks resting is lazy and self indulgent. It thinks taking it easy is slacking.  It wants to do more, now!

Even as I write those words they make me cringe.  My soul is in such need of rest that it is repelled by the notion of doing at this point.  It wants a period of reflection and renewal.  A time to look at the past year, enjoy my accomplishments, savor the blessings, and relish the richness of my life.  It feels so good to take stock and say thank you.

Maybe you are sensing this same feeling in you?  This quest for rest.  If you are feeling the need for rest in your own life, I encourage you to honor that desire.  Say yes to yourself.  Take the time to rekindle your inner fire.  Nourish yourself with good food, relaxed thoughts, and periods of nothingness.  Rest is essential to our souls.  Allow yourself to hit the pause button on your life in order to honor the natural cycle of rest and play in yourself.