People say the nicest things…

“Our session changed my life. Not only did your interpretations of what you saw give me clarity, it revealed a path to follow which I have been doing one step at a time. Life has continued to offer adventure, but so much has been released and changed within me that I now navigate life differently. Thank you for choosing to honor the pull in your heart to make the shift into this sacred area of work.” – Connie Cruthirds, TN

“Your reading was incredible and it has already impacted me and my life greatly. Your amazingly gifted, gentle soul was just what I needed.  So delighted you honoured this path. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Kerryn Simmons, Australia

“My reading with Michele was such a gift. She was so kind and confident which made our session flow with ease from start to finish. She is able to see/hear/feel/know well past this 3D existence to shed light on things that are meaningful and helpful in the big picture as well as in our daily lives. I felt a sense of comfort and excitement after our time together. And you can really tell she loves what she’s doing which makes all the difference. “ -Bridgette Parent, TX

“The Soul Connection Reading I had with Michele was so incredibly special. I absolutely loved the way she looks into specific aspects of both your personality and soul self! Her reflections and insights gave me an understanding of “who I am” in both a literal sense and a spiritual sense that allowed me to understand, love and embrace myself at a deeper level. As a “reader” Michele is incredibly attuned and she is also warm, kind, down to earth and funny to boot! You feel like you can just relax and be yourself with her like you’re with a good friend. I highly recommend a Soul Connection Reading especially if you’re feeling a bit lost, disconnected or critical of yourself. She will help remind you of who you are (and how special that is)!”  – Nancy Guerrera, CA

“Whenever seeking clarity and assistance in shifting my energy around an area of conflict or confusion, I always walk away from readings with Michele feeling empowered to make changes from a position of strength and perspective.

Michele is highly gifted at tuning into what is going on in a situation and providing a higher level of understanding and guidance that is positive, direct and spot on! She puts people at ease with her warm and high vibing energy. You end each session feeling more whole on a soul level and she offers life-changing strategies that support the shifting of entrenched patterns and resistant energy.

Whether Michele is doing an individual reading or streaming wisdom on a higher frequency, the information and energy conveyed resonates on a core level. It feels like a deep sense of knowing and truth that awakens dormant potential and divine aspects of our beings. I wholeheartedly recommend Michele’s work.”-Lisa Alessi, CA

“This experience was so incredible for me. Thank you so much Michele. The information that was shared helped me make sense of my life in a way that I hadn’t before the call. To have a group of loving beings tell you your soul’s purpose is quite amazing. I feel like I’m coming at things from a new perspective now and it has been so incredibly helpful. There really aren’t words to describe how grateful I am for this experience.” – Chris Hollar, WI

“Michele is a highly gifted intuitive and amazing coach who combines deep wisdom, soul connection and coaching tools in a wonderful and nurturing way. If I am feeling stuck or having to deal with blockages no matter the topic, she guides me in a loving, compassionate way by reading my energy and diving deep into the patterns that lie behind the issues.

Her warm and funny support is highly appreciated and I love that she is both connected to higher frequencies as well being totally down-to-earth, and providing real life next steps. In her streaming sessions she is an amazing conduit for messages that overflow with love, compassion and support, but also remind you of your strengths and how to take action.

Every session with her – readings and streaming sessions – were always an enormous help and shifted my energies in multiple ways. She provides life-changing stuff! I am already looking forward to my next session with her.” -Kirsten Willings, Germany

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