Pockets of Joy

Here we are in the middle of a Global Pandemic. Life is super weird right now, and we’re all trying to navigate our way through the uncertainty as best we can.

One thing that’s helped me is focusing on what I call Pockets of Joy.

Pockets of Joy are small things occuring in my day that help me to tune into the joyful, loving, being that I am.

Some of these things are activities, some are practices, and some are random events I’ve stumbled across. Whatever way they show up I’m grateful for them. They remind me that I’m pure positive joy, love, and worthiness all wrapped up as a human burrito.

I encourage you to find your own pockets of joy because joy reminds us that well-being is always available when we choose to tune into it’s frequency.

Below are a few suggestions on how to create pockets of joy:

  1. Read a novel that sweeps you away on an adventure.
  2. Play a board game.
  3. Take a walk or run outside in the fresh air.
  4. Send a card to a loved one telling them how much you cherish them.
  5. Cook a delicious dish and savor every yummy bite.
  6. Create something—pottery, an afghan, a painting. 
  7. Put on upbeat music and dance!
  8. Plant a garden and watch it grow. 
  9. Meditate (one of my favorites)
  10. Watch a sunset and quietly give thanks for all that is good.
  11. Journal your feelings to get them out of your head.
  12. Smile at anything for no good reason—this magically lifts your mood.
  13. Listen to the birds chirping in the trees. 
  14. Hug your pet.
  15. Tell someone you love them.
  16. Laugh out loud at a funny Youtube video, a stand-up comedian, or silly movie.
  17. Go through old photos that remind you of favorite people, places, and times.
  18. Get out that high school band instrument and see if you can still belt out a tune.
  19. Daydream.
  20. Wave to a stranger.
A few of my favorite pockets of joy!
A few of my favorite pockets of joy!