A few things to know.

Everyone is welcome.

As an intuitive reader and spiritual guide, I welcome people of all ages, genders, nationalities, faiths, and spiritual backgrounds. If you want to bring the sacred into your daily life, if you wish to explore life’s big, deep questions, then my doors are always open to you.

I refer to The-All-That-Is as Source.

But it goes by many names—God, Allah, Yahweh, The Universe, Creator, Spirit, the Big Kahuna, and many many more.

Everything derives from Source.

People. Animals. Plants. Rocks. Everything is connected to this original source. Including you.

You are a beautiful, magnificent facet of Source.

Just like a single musical note in a symphony, you are valuable and significant. You belong here. Without you, the symphony would not be complete.

Your Soul is eternal.

Your human life is temporary. Typically, around eighty years. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. Your soul is eternal. It existed long before you were born and will continue after your human life is over.

You always have free will.

Your soul enters your human form with a broad, over-arching purpose. Then, as a human being, you get to decide how your soul’s purpose will be expressed. Human + soul work together to co-create the story of your life. The soul provides the general guidelines, but the details of your life are up to you.

You’re never alone.

As a human being, you have a support team of energy beings to guide, help, encourage, and love you. You might call these angels, advisors, ancestor spirits, or some other name. Every person is connected to their own unique Vibe Tribe.

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