Pay Attention to Your Emojis

My cell phone amazes me. I won’t go so far to say that I love it but I know for sure that I depend on it. Rarely do I leave home without it. When I stop to think about the technology that is packed into that one little device—calculator, phone, calendar, voice mail, email, internet, and texting—it is mind blowing.

Texting is my favorite feature on my cell phone. The 21st century’s latest version of communication. Short, sweet and to the point.

Now, texting is even more fun with the advent of emojis! I think the recent Sports Center commercial featuring Coach K and his sons illustrates this point. Let me paint the picture for you, if you haven’t seen the commercial. Coach K and his sons are watching ESPN together as highlights of a basketball player’s outstanding plays are being discussed by the commentators. Coach K asks his son to send the player a congratulatory message. The son doesn’t use words to communicate Coach K’s well wishes; he uses emojis. The player understands the pictures and responds with emojis. The son then translates the emojis for his dad into a message that Coach K can understand.

So, what does this cute commercial have to do with anything? I believe our heart communicates to us in the same way. Our heart speaks to us through emojis! It uses pictures and symbols to represent ideas, thoughts, and communication. The heart is using emojis because that’s its language.

Many of us ignore this type of communication. (I know I do!) We allow our “texting” brains to devalue the language of our hearts. We want the directions to appear in words. We want the signs to be spelled out for us. We want the communication to be short, sweet and to the point. Our heart doesn’t work that way. The heart is subtle. You must learn to interpret and understand its message.

So, why bother to tune into the emoji heart when your texting brain is easier to understand? Because your heart knows your true desires. Your heart knows what will make you happy. Your heart is not cluttered with other people’s ideas and thoughts about how life should be. The messages from your heart is personal and pure.

Take the time to listen to it. Learn the language of your heart. Pay attention to it. It is saying something important.