Past Lives, Future Lives and Everything In Between

I am the ultimate questioner who wants to know how things work and why. This curiosity is the engine that drives the readings that I do for people. I absolutely love when I learn something new about the Universe!

Over the last six months I have noticed a theme in my personal meditations and in the readings that I do for folks. As I take a look at a person’s soul journey the energy that has been presented is often zoomed back in a very BIG way. Souls have been showing a broader version of themselves.

Let me explain. Each personality-self (the human you) is intimately connected to its soul-self (the eternal you). Your soul-self existed before this human life and will exist after this human life. This soul-you is on a journey—a big adventure.

When many people consider past lives they think of it in a linear fashion. First, you lived in the stone age and then the industrial age and then the modern age. We tend to think this way because in our time/space reality we use calendar time but (Hold on to your hat!) from that broader perspective of the soul-self it is happening concurrently because there is no linear time. It is all now. Everything is happening now.

Wild, I know! Hang in there with me.

You may be asking why would the soul-you want so many lives at once?

It’s because your soul-self is wildly expressive, creative and interested. It wants to explore all the ways it can manifest. It wants to play a lot of different roles. It is curious to experience itself in a variety of ways and in a variety of circumstances. It is eager for the adventure.

So, what does this mean to you?

Your soul-self is experiencing many realities that are gleaning knowledge, wisdom and information. Through your soul-self this wisdom is available to you. It’s like having your own personal data base or cloud. The best part is that the information, the guidance is tailored just for you because it is gathered by the soul-you wanting to assist the personality-you. Soul guidance right now with whatever is going on in your human life.


If you would like to tap into this soul wisdom, I would be honored to assist you.