One Habit that Will Immediately Improve Your Life

I get it. You have a busy life. Kids home for the summer. Work meetings and office potlucks. Family reunions and family dramas. Beach Vacations that are never long enough and don’t come around often enough. You’ve got stuff going on. I get it. We all do.

It is so easy to get pulled in a million directions because everybody wants something from you. You wake up in the morning and as soon as your feet hit the floor you are running from dusk to dawn answering phone calls, managing people (employees or kids), and trying to keep it (meaning you) together and on schedule. It’s sucking the life right out of you but you think this is the way it is.

But, it doesn’t have to be.

Your life can feel better. It can feel more peaceful. It can feel more calm. It can feel sweeter and easier. 

I can hear you asking…”How?”.

Meditation. It’s a simple tool. So simple you think it doesn’t work, but I promise you it does. You see, your meditation practice is asking nothing from you. A mediation practice does not take. It gives. 

It gives by…

Nourishing your mind through quiet.

Allowing you space to breathe.

Meeting you exactly where you are and as you are.

Letting your soul have the freedom to commune with spirit.

Inspiring you to new ideas and creativity.

Opening yourself up to the Universal love that is raining down on you.

Meditation can be the part of your day where nothing is asking any thing of you. Meditation can be the part of your day where the Universe is celebrating you. Meditation can be the time where your Vibe Tribe gets to enjoy pouring their attention on you. Meditation can be a much needed reboot, if you let it.