Notice the Good Life You’ve Got!

“What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner.”-Colette


I can fall into the trap of looking forward to the future. Waiting for the vacation get away, losing those last 10 pounds, or even holding out for Friday. Sound familiar? Dreaming is good. I am a dreamer, but if I delay my happiness until the dream is reached I lose because it’s a trap. A trap that never ends. The happiness never comes when it’s about attaining, problem solving, or fixing. Why? Because we are not broken so nothing needs to be fixed, we can’t find safety in things, and clarity does not come from problems. If you think everything needs to be better before you can be happy, you will always find something else to fix.

There is a wonderful life that is happening for you in the midst of the chaos. We tend to have our eye on the chaos and not the underlying current of wonderful flow that is winding its way through our days. Yes, the chaos will probably always be there. Traffic is snarled, the credit card bill is overdue, the kids are wreaking havoc on your peace of mind. My friend, there will always be something you can complain about if you choose. But, if you shift your focus there is always the flow of well being in the midst of the chaos. It is there. You just haven’t been looking in that direction.


Try to notice three things that show up in your day just for you. They show up and add clarity, peace, joy or love in your day. They show up just for you.

Let it be something easy. Let it be simple. We are not trying to move mountains. Notice the guy who holds the elevator door for you. Notice the neighbor who brings your trash can to the curb for you. Notice the billboard with a random message that seems to be speaking just to you. Notice the sunset. Notice the chirping of the bird who gently wakes you up in the mornings. Notice the way your body easily moves your arm to pick up a pen.

This is a simple practice. A practice of turning your attention to a piece of the wonderful life you have now. I promise you there is wonder, amazement, kindness, love in the life you are currently living. It just needs to be noticed.

So, as you notice your three things today. Nod your head in recognition of them. Just a slight nod. A slight dipping of your chin to signify the recognition of goodness in your life as it is showing up for you now.

To get you started I will share with you what I noticed today.
*A Ladybug landed on my sweater while I was driving my car with the windows and doors closed. Want to know what a Lady bug symbolizes? She represents luck. Her appearance means your wishes and dreams are being fulfilled.

*There was an empty parking space right in front of the store I was visiting.

*A sale on the very thing I need to buy. Yes!

What do you notice?