Money from Heaven

Last night my husband and I were at dinner reminiscing about a buddy of his that died several years ago. Patrick came up in conversation because his birthday is today. He would have been 49.

My husband Scott was remarking what a great guy Patrick was and how much he had cherished their friendship. Then he added with a grin, But Patrick died owing me two grand. Now, you gotta know my husband. He is a funny guy and he thought it was humorous that Patrick got the best of him by dying before he paid his debt.

As we laughed at the thought I commented that Patrick can still pay off his debt even though he is not physical anymore. Scott paused mid-bite and looked at me strangely. I said Patrick is here. He is around and he has the ability to get you the money. Just ask him for it tonight before you go to bed and let it go. Let him get it to you. So, Scott laughingly said ok I’ll give it a try. We let the conversation shift to other things and finished our cheeseburgers.

Fast forward to this morning…I walk into my husband’s office and he looks up from his desk. He says with a toothy grin, Patrick paid his debt. I stop— How? Scott explained, I got to work this morning and while I am cleaning off my desk, I notice a file folder in this pile. I pick the folder up and open it. It has a bunch of miscellaneous papers that need to be filed but underneath the papers is $2300. He looks at me and says I don’t know how it got there. And, I say yes you do.

My sweet husband looks at the sky and says, Thanks for making it right Patrick. Happy Birthday my friend.

In less than 24 hours Patrick had playfully repaid his debt and Scotty realized that his vibe tribe is always wanting in on the fun.

We all have a vibe tribe. We all have a team of beings wanting to help, support, encourage and play. Always wanting in on the fun. They are around. They are here. Never gone. Always close by. Always laughing with you.