Michele’s Manifesto

A few things you will want to know before working with me:

  • Everything is energy. You. Me. Nature. Creatures. Even the so called inanimate objects.
  • Everything is made of The-All-That-Is. Again, you. Me. Creatures. Even the so called inanimate objects.
  • I refer to our Source as The-All-That-Is, but It goes by many names…God, Allah, Yahweh, Source, The Universe, Creator, Spirit the Big Kahuna and many many more. The label is not important. A name is useful to us only as a reference point.
  • I call the energy part of us Soul or Soul-self. It is the eternal part of you. Every person is really a Soul masquerading as a human in physical form.
  • I call the human part of us Personality-self. This part of us is made up of intentions, beliefs, emotions, cultural influences, family influences, tendencies, etc. This is the part of us we usually show off at dinner parties, office meetings and family functions.
  • We create our own circumstances at a Human+Soul level. This occurs through intention, beliefs and free will.
  • As humans we are energy adventurers, pioneers, explorers and scientists. Our role in The-All-That-Is is incredibly important and matters to the Universe. We are not on Earth as punishment nor are we trying to prove ourselves. We are valuable. Each and every one of us.
  • As humans we come into this physical reality with a support team of Energy Beings to guide, help, encourage and love us. Every person is connected to their own unique Vibe Tribe.
  • I believe that each of us is a beautiful, magnificent facet of The-All-That-Is. We are valuable, deserving and worthy just by being alive. Your significance is obvious because you are here. The-All-That-Is believes this too.