Manifestation and How it Works

I consider myself to be a bit of an energy explorer. Rarely do I know what is going to be shown to me during a meditation or a reading. I just show up with my curiosity and an open heart willing to see what is presented to me. Most of the time I keep these realizations to myself, but now I am being encouraged to share them with others.

So, here goes…

For many months I have been seeing and sensing into an energy grid. This grid resembles 3D graph paper. It is comprised of a bluish energy that is multi-layered. It feels very neutral in nature.

The first time I was shown this image I understood immediately that this is one form of The-All-That-Is. It is the underlying field that runs through everything. It is the field of energy that supports life. It supports manifestation. It supports you and me. This is the field that gives birth to universes, worlds, people, creations and ideas. Everything comes through this field of energy to become physical and everything reemerges back into this field when its physical life is complete. It becomes absorbed into the energy from where it came.

What I am discovering about manifestation is that it begins with an intention from the inside of the grid. As that intention is held and fed by the grid it starts to form. The energy begins to solidify and become a shape, a something. When the energy coalesces enough, when it reaches a tipping point the manifestation becomes physical. It doesn’t pop out of the grid because it keeps an energy string that always ties it to the grid, but it does emerge from the grid. Emerges fully to experience physicality.

Everything comes from this energy and returns to this energy. We are this energy. We contain this field of potential within us. Our substance is comprised of The-All-That-Is.

Because of this, please know that you are fully supported by the grid. You are held cocooned like by the grid. Completely. Wholly. Safely.