Make Stuff. Feel Better

Lately, I’ve noticed that I feel better when I make stuff. Notice I said stuff and not art because I don’t consider myself an artist even though I love living a creative life.

There is something about making stuff that reminds me of who I am—a creator. I am a creator with energetic roots grounded in the nourishing soil of my Source, the ultimate Creator. 

That’s what we are—creators. We are constantly creating all day long. Some of our creating we do unintentionally through our thoughts and attention. Ever got out of bed and wished you could stay there and then feel tired the rest of the day because you “think” you didn’t get enough sleep? Boom! You created a tiring day.

We do some of our creating on purpose, like when you plan a lovely holiday meal for your family. You pick out fresh veggies for a salad, set a beautiful table, turn off the tv, say a little prayer before the meal, and deliberately decide to cherish your loved ones gathered around the table. Boom! You created a lovely experience and memory.

You get the idea—we create. So, back to making stuff.

Making stuff helps us feel better. It doesn’t matter what we make. The thing we choose to make doesn’t need a purpose. It’s the deliberate act of creating that reminds us of who we truly are.

Try to make something. Anything. I don’t care what it is—the only requirement is that it cannot be something you have to do. This task should be fun, frivolous, silly, even pointless. Create something for the sheer delight of the process.

Below are some ideas:

(But, you are super creative, you’ll probably come up with better ideas.)

paint a rock garden

  • crochet a scarf
  • choreograph a mini-dance
  • write a silly rhyming poem
  • collage a picture frame
  • sculpt a figurine
  • dye your hair pink (if you do this, please send me a pic!)
  • make sidewalk art with chalk
  • rearrange your furniture
  • doodle
  • bake something you’ve never made before
  • design a christmas ornament for your tree
  • write a love letter to your beloved
  • send postcards to three friends with a funny joke