Long and Winding Road

Like you, my intuition has been with me throughout my life. It cranked itself up a notch in my mid-thirties. My life was really great, but I felt like there had to be more. I started asking the big questions…What’s my purpose, Why am I here, What does it all mean? These questions launched my seeking.

My path was a long and winding one. (And it still is!) It began with me wanting to learn how to meditate. As luck (guidance) would have it my initial meditation teacher was a gentleman who understood energy. He suggested I work with an intuitive reader in my area. During my first session, this wise woman explained that I was an “open channel.” At the time I had no idea what this meant! She pulled out her phone and googled Esther Hicks (the channel for Abraham Hicks) and said “This is what you are. You can do this too.” Well, I practically bolted from my chair! No way was that me. Little did I know at the time that she was right.

For some time I tried it all: meditation classes, spiritual retreats, workshops, coaching, intuitive readings, and countless self-help books. I was in perpetual motion for many years to explore as much as possible, find the missing piece and install it in my life for good.

Over and over again I was getting the same message in different ways. I would see an astrologer and the first thing out of his mouth was that “You are an open channel for Source energy.” He added that the energy coming for me was huge so I had better get ready.

The next message came in the form of New York Times best-selling author and world renowned life coach, Martha Beck. I attended one of her first Equine Coaching retreats. I remember telling Martha that I loved all this spiritual/energy work but none of my family or friends got it. I felt like I was a foreigner in a strange land. I will never forget what happened next. Martha looked at me and said…”Well, honey, you are a shaman that’s why you like the things you do and feel so different.” Again, Google came in handy because I had no idea what a shaman was.

From there I signed up for life coach training with Martha. Nearing the end of our training we were on a group call of about 75 people with Martha and she was taking random questions from the group. My question was about my niche. I remember explaining to her that I enjoyed using the coaching tools but felt lost when defining my potential clients. Martha, in her infinite wisdom, said it’s easy. “You just described it yourself…you are a spiritual teacher.” Again, my world stopped. Who me? Little ‘ole me? Nah!

To say I was resistant to this repeated message is an understatement. But what I have learned is that the “All that Is” is persistent. About a year after this conversation with Martha I was dining in a restaurant in South Africa. When the waiter approached the table to take my drink order; he looked at me intently and told me that he was just like me, a spiritual seeker. He went on to tell me that I was searching outside myself and I needed to look within. Look within. Now, this was a stranger! For him to look at me and know my heart so easily…well, it got my attention. This is when I finally began to really pay attention.

I really listened. I got quiet, listened closely to my heart and followed that guidance. It brought me to a wonderful spiritual teacher who guided me on this path. Over the next year of study and practice, she helped me to learn the skills of reading energy and understanding the messages. Throughout the year my skills improved and I now understand my potential as an open streamer of energy.

What I want you to know is that the “All that Is” is constantly, continuously trying to speak to us. Once I decided to stop ignoring the messages and willingly listen my world was flooded with knowledge of the Universe, benevolent beings who want to guide me, healing energy and so much more.

In fact there is so much more that I feel like I have just begun to tap into everything that wants to be discovered. And, for me, the discovery is the best part! There is so much available to us beyond our usual five senses and the “All that Is” wants to support us in our discovery, understanding, and realization.

Me and you.